name: The Blaze hot: 152 website: http://www.theblaze.com/ logo: Glenn Beck, who wears Fox and Mercury Radio aura, quickly established The Blaze after Huffington Post. The Blaze website had 3.6 million readers in just over a year. Former CEO Betsy Morgan, who helped Huffington Post increase readers from 4 million to 20 million during his tenure, became president of The Blaze... READ MORE

name: OVGuide

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website: http://www.ovguide.com/


OVGuide is a website aggregator that allows users to find free and high-quality video content online. The website is submitted by users and selected by editors. Once the website is approved for listing, it is classified according to its special content. The editor does not review specific video programs, but only reviews the overall quality of the site, such as: checking that the site has sufficiently unique video content, excessive advertising, or other factors, if the site does not meet the requirements, the review will be rejected .

OVGuide participated in the live broadcast of the Oscar dinner and charity celebration on Sunday, February 22, 2009. This event marked the first time that the Oscar party of the Oscars was broadcast live on the Internet in the form of streaming media to audiences around the world. In 2010, the site acquired IBeatYou. IBeatYou is an online multimedia competition website where users can challenge other users’ videos, photos and texts in hundreds of categories. The winning works are selected by public voting.

Other projects developed by the IBeatYou team include: Picbeat, a photo-sharing website, and Juicybooth, a website that allows users to spoof pictures in an interactive way. OVGuide acquired IBeatYou from Photobucket for $2.975 million.

In early 2012, Live Matrix was acquired by OVGuide. Live Matrix is ​​a life guide and upcoming scheduling event website. The acquisition is seen as a strategic business move that will expand OVGuide’s live event guide business. As part of the transaction, Sanjay Reddy, CEO and co-founder of Live Matrix, will replace Peter Lee as the new CEO of OVGuide. Reddy is the company’s senior vice president, responsible for the company’s business development and strategic planning.

OVGuide is one of the two major websites under OVGuide Ltd. The website provides an easy way to watch all categories of videos, including free full-length movies, TV shows and short clips. This website provides apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets.

OVGuide has more than 6000 video sites and aggregated content from more than 400 different video partners. The site is considered the largest independent guide online video site, with more than 12 million visitors every month. OVGuide was established in 2006. The company is a privately held company and invested by Baroda Ventures. Its headquarters are in Los Angeles, California.

OVGuide’s proprietary technology can automatically grab a large amount of video content and organize data on the Internet, so that users can easily discover and share videos. Users can experience the website in several different ways, including: website directories, search engines, and embedded videos on web pages.

name: Omgili hot: 149 website: http://omgili.com/ logo: Omgili is a vertical search engine focusing on 'many-to-many' user-generated content platforms (forums, discussion groups, message boards, etc.). The search engine can scan millions of online discussion information in more than 100,000 message boards and forums around the world. The scanned information includes: title, subject, answer and release date. Omgili users can use... READ MORE

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