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Google is an American multinational company specializing in Internet-related services and products. Products cover search, cloud computing, software and online advertising technology. Most of the company’s profits come from AdWords. It was created by Stanford University PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin , who together own about 16% of its shares.

At first, on September 4, 1998, Google was a privately held company. Then on August 19, 2004, it had an initial public offering. From the beginning, it stated that its mission is to’organize the world’s information so that everyone can access and benefit from it’, and its slogan is’do not be evil.’ In 2006, the company headquarters moved to Mountain View, California.

Google has developed rapidly since its incorporation. In addition to its core search engine, it also develops a series of products and acquires other companies. It also provides online software, including an office suite, e-mail and social networking sites. Desktop products include applications for web browsing, organizing and editing photos and instant messaging.

Google’s main products also include the Android mobile phone operating system and the Google Chrome OS browser developed for Chromebook netbooks. Recently, it began to involve in the field of mobile communication hardware: it produced its high-end Nexus devices with partners of major electronics manufacturers , and acquired Motorola Mobile in May 2012.

In 2012, Google began to install Google’s fiber optic infrastructure in Kansas City to promote fiber optic broadband services. It has more than one million servers in data centers around the world. Every day, the servers process more than 100 million search requests and user- generated data, and the daily traffic is about 24 gigabytes.

The Google Nasdaq stock code is GOOG. In 2012, the company’s revenue was US$50.18 billion, operating income was US$12.76 billion, profit was US$10.74 billion, total assets were US$93.8 billion, and total equity was US$71.72 billion. As of the first quarter of 2013, it had 53,891 employees.

Google affiliates include: AdMob, DoubleClick, Motorola Mobile, On2 Technologies, Picnik, YouTube, Zagat.

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