name: Lexical Word Finder hot: 217 website: logo: Lexical Word Finder is a word search engine. It can search the entire English language vocabulary to determine the words that may appear on the bulletin board. The search engine uses C++ language programming, the main purpose is to provide a quick word game, calculate the highest score word. Lexical Word... READ MORE

name: IceRocket

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IceRocket is a real-time search engine on the Internet. The company is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The website was launched in 2004, and its market is only spread by word of mouth. The company is funded by Mark Cuban. The company has received angel investment funds from Mr. Cuba.

Icerocket was launched in 2004. At first, it was just to make it easier to search on the Internet on the PDA, for example, allowing users to send a search query via email and receive search results. In the early years, Icerocket signed a license agreement with In August 2011, the company was acquired by the Meltwater Group.

IceRocket generally only conducts blog searches, but has now expanded to search popular social networking sites Twitter and Facebook. The website’s big beep function allows users to search for: blogs, Twitter, news, pictures and other information. The company provides its application interfaces to authorized social media monitoring companies and public relations companies.

name: University of Missouri Columbia hot: 126 website: logo: The University of Missouri Columbia (University of Missouri System) is an American state university system. It centrally manages four universities, one health care system, one expansion project, ten research and technology parks. Currently, more than 77,000 students are studying in the four campuses of the university. The University of Missouri-Columbia... READ MORE

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