Outer Port Passenger Terminal

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name: Outer Port Passenger Terminal

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website: http://www.secretmacau.com/outer-harbour-ferry-terminal/


Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal (Outer Harbour Ferry Terminal), also known as Macau Maritime Terminal or Hong Kong Macau Terminal, is a ferry terminal located in Macau, China. From 1948 to 1961, Macau Air Transport Company used seaplanes to operate to Hong Kong.

The Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal provides ferry services to Hong Kong. The terminal provides 12 hydrofoil berths and 2 ferry berths. The terminal has a heliport, and the terminal is a two-story building, with the lower level arriving and the upper level departing. Outside the pier is a helicopter landing pad and 6 docks (facing east). The Macau Tourism Office is located on the lower level, and the duty-free shop is located on the upper floor.

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