Top ten dairy companies in the world

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name: The world’s top ten dairy companies

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Nestlé products include baby food, therapeutic nutrition, mineral water, breakfast cereals, espresso and tea, dessert shops, dairy products, desserts and snacks. Nestlé’s 29 brands offer more than 1 billion Swiss francs, including Nespresso, Nescafé, Kit Kat, Smarties, Nesquik, Stouffer’s, Vittel and Maggi. Nestlé has 447 factories, operates in 194 countries, and has approximately 339,000 employees. It is one of the basic shareholders of L’Oréal, the world’s largest beauty care product organization.
Lactalis is a French multinational dairy organization owned by the Besnier family and headquartered in Laval, Mayenne. It is the second largest food company in France, second only to Danone. Its brands include Galbani, Société, Bridel, Président, Rachel’s Organic and Valmont.
Danone is a multinational food company based in Paris, France. Danone is listed in more than 130 markets, with revenue of 22.4 billion euros in 2015, more than half of which came from developing countries. In 2015, fresh dairy products accounted for about half of the company’s revenue.
Fonterra Cooperative Group Limited (Fonterra) is a New Zealand multinational dairy product agent with approximately 10,500 New Zealand agriculturists. It occupies approximately 30% of the global dairy product trade, with revenues of more than 19.87 billion New Zealand dollars, and is the largest organization in New Zealand.
American Dairy Farmers
Dairy Farmers of America is an American dairy farmer. It claims to serve nearly 48,000 dairy farmers and more than 9,000 dairy farms in 48 states. American dairy farming companies provide milk and ancillary items (dairy products, nutritional products, priced and rack-stable dairy products) to wholesale buyers. In 2013, the net transaction value was US$12.8 billion, equivalent to about 30% of the US raw milk production.
Friesland Compaq
Friesland Campina is a Dutch dairy company that was merged by Royal Friesland Foods and Campina in December 2008. Friesland Compaq has workplaces and 21,186 employees in 28 countries. The company’s business involves four major categories: European consumer goods, international consumer goods, cheese, butter and ingredients. Products include milk, dairy beverages, yogurt, pastries, cream, espresso flavor, nutrition for children and babies, cheddar cheese, and margarine.
Ai Shi Dawn
Arla Foods is the largest dairy product producer in Scandinavia. The company was merged by the Swedish dairy company Arla and the Danish dairy organization MD Foods on April 17, 2000. In terms of turnover, Ai’s Chenxi is the seventh largest dairy company in the world. Its three famous brands: Arla, Lurpak and Castello cheese are sold all over the world.
Dean Foods
Dean Foods is an American nutrition and refreshment organization whose main products include dairy products. Dean Foods has 100 offices in 35 states in the United States and 5 assembly plants in Belgium, France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
9. Yili
Yili Group (Yili) is a leader in China’s dairy industry. Products under the brand include desserts, milk powder, milk tea powder, and sterilized milk. Yili is headquartered in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia, China, and its main competitor is Mengniu.
China Mengniu Dairy Co., Ltd. (Mengniu Dairy) is a Chinese dairy products and frozen yogurt assembly and transportation company headquartered in Inner Mongolia, producing dairy products under the Mengniu brand.
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