10 world famous universities

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name: 10 world famous universities

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Oxford university
For centuries, Oxford University has been one of the world’s top universities, with a history dating back to the 11th century, and its address is located on the Upper Thames, 50 miles (80 kilometers) north-northwest of London, England.
University College London
University College London is a world-class college, the first university in England to admit female students, and one of the earliest secular colleges.
Imperial College London
Imperial College London (Imperial College London) is a world-class university offering science, engineering, medicine and business majors. Departments include Imperial College and Imperial College, etc.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (The Massachusetts Institute of Technology) is the world’s top university, with experienced teachers and technical resources. The MIT laboratory is one of the most advanced laboratories in the world.
Stanford University
Stanford University recently surpassed Harvard University to have the best undergraduate programs. Its undergraduate courses are also the most selective of all courses in the United States, and the university acceptance rate is only 4.8%. Stanford University’s proximity to Silicon Valley makes it one of the most popular campuses in the world.
Harvard University
Harvard University (Harvard University) is the top university in the U.S. Ivy League. Alumni include famous figures such as Mark Zuckerberg and Barack Obama. It has 180 Olympic medal winners and an acceptance rate of 5.4%, which is the oldest in the United States. University. Schools such as Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School are known for producing the best professionals
California Institute of Technology
The California Institute of Technology has almost become synonymous with technological innovation for many years. Famous alumni include astrophysicist Kip S. Thorne and Quora founder Adam DeAngelo. California Institute of Technology is located in Pasadena, California, USA, with a campus of 124 acres and 38 Nobel Prize winners.
Cambridge University
Cambridge University is one of the oldest and most well-known universities in the world. Alumni include Isaac Newton and Stephen Hawking. The campus is one of the most popular historical and cultural sites.
University of Chicago
The University of Chicago is an American private, culturally rich, and racially diverse coeducational research university. The University of Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It covers an area of ​​217 acres and has an acceptance rate of 7.9%. It has 92 Nobel Prize winners.
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) is one of the most elite technical institutions in the world. The college has the most advanced research facilities and experienced teachers, making it the most popular technology college in Europe. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology is located in Zurich, Switzerland, and has 21 Nobel Prize winners.
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