Top ten rice producing countries in the world

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name: Top ten rice producing countries in the world

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China is the hometown of rice production and has a long tradition of planting rice as a basic part of the diet. According to land area, China is one of the largest countries in the world. Therefore, it provides a large area of ​​agricultural land, especially land for planting. Two thirds of China’s population like to eat rice.
India has become the world’s second largest rice producer with basic factors such as annual rainfall, seasonal changes, monsoon season and large-scale planting area, accounting for 20% of the world’s total output. India is the world’s largest producer of white rice and brown rice. Since agriculture plays an important role in the Indian economy, rice production is relatively large.
Indonesia (Indonesia) grows a large area of ​​rice, which covers 10 million hectares across the country. Now, the Indonesian government is taking many measures to increase rice production and promote the cultivation of high-quality production varieties.
The planting area in Vietnam is 33 million hectares, most of which is used to grow rice. The Mekong Delta is where most of Vietnam’s rice is produced. Vietnam has a population of 17 million, of which nearly 18% are involved in growing rice, because rice production is the main pillar of the national economy.
Thailand is a country known for its high yield of rice, with a planting area of ​​9.2 million hectares. It is estimated that rice production in 2017 will exceed 25 million tons. Thailand is famous for its high-quality jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is exported at double the rate in the international market, but the output of jasmine rice is relatively small.
Bangladesh is famous for its rice production and consumption. Bangladesh is very suitable for planting, has high annual rainfall, and has rivers that flow through these farmlands. In Bangladesh, 75% of agricultural land is used for planting.
The land in Myanmar is highly irrigated and fertile, and the environment is very suitable for rice production. Despite the lack of resources and investment in the agricultural sector in Myanmar, rice production has performed well. According to the latest statistics last year, Myanmar has produced 34.255 million tons of rice.
The Philippines accounts for 2.8% of the world’s total rice production. Luzon and Sivasayas are the main locations for rice production. Rice production contributes to the economic growth of the Philippines.
Brazil is the only country in South America with abundant rice production, accounting for 1.7% of the world’s total rice production. Brazil produces about 251 different types of rice.
10, Japan
Japan is a land full of rice fields. However, due to the shortage of farmland, Japan cannot produce enough output like other countries. Japan has 2.3 million farms, and nearly 85% of them grow rice. Recent data shows that Japan’s output last year was 11.573 million tons.
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