10 must-visit websites for foreign students

name: 10 world famous universities hot: 3554 1. University of Oxford For centuries, Oxford University has been one of the world's top universities, with a history dating back to the 11th century, and its address is located on the Upper Thames, 50 miles (80 kilometers) north-northwest of London, England.   2. University College London University College London is a world-class... READ MORE

name: 10 must-visit websites for foreign students

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Google Scholar
Google Scholar is a website under Google that can screen out the best academic literature. Google Scholar uses the Internet to screen research peer reviews and articles, mainly from journals, papers, and other sources.
2. ipl2
ipl2 is an Internet public library, as well as a public service organization and learning/teaching environment. So far, thousands of students, volunteers and information science students have participated in answering user inquiries.
Purdue University Online Writing Lab
Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue Online Writing Lab, OWL) is a website of Purdue University resources and teaching materials. Students, community members and users around the world can browse information and help write projects. Teachers and trainers can use these materials for classroom teaching.
BibMe is a free bibliographic and document production website that supports MLA, APA and Chicago formats. BibMe was created in January 2007 as a student project in the Information Systems Department of Carnegie Mellon University. After a semester of development, bibme.org received great attention from students and educators in May 2007.
Rate my Professors
Rate my Professors is a website for professors, teachers, school reviews, and college ratings. It is the best website for students to review and rate university professors. 4 million college students use the site every month, and there are more than 15 million comments on the site.
CashCourse is a free, online non-commercial university financial knowledge resource website, which was created by the US non-profit National Donation Finance Education. It provides customizable and interactive personal finance tools for more than 750 colleges and universities across the United States.
7. Mint
Mint is a website that manages user money, pays bills, and tracks credit scores.
Chegg is a website that rents, buys and sells textbooks. Users can rent and purchase textbooks on the website, thereby saving time and money.
Glassdoor is one of the fastest growing employment and recruitment websites in the world. The website can help job seekers all over the world find jobs and companies. Glassdoor has millions of company reviews, salary reports, interview comments and questions, benefit evaluations, office photos, etc. Glassdoor provides mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms.
Date my School
DateMySchool is an online dating platform website for college students and alumni. Currently, 1,243,355 users are using the Date my School application.
name: 2013 Top Ten Best Handicraft Websites Abroad hot: 7151 1. Ravelry Ravelry is a community website about local weaving, crocheters, designers, spinning, weavers and dyeing yarns.   2. FaveCrafts FaveCrafts is a website about free handicrafts, home decoration ideas and DIY tips. The website also contains various ideas on how to give gifts for Christmas, Valentine's Day, wedding, Halloween,... READ MORE

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