5 foreign health and fitness websites

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name: 5 foreign health and fitness websites

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Health is a website that provides cardio exercise, weight loss, yoga and Pilates and various exercise information. The information on the website is compiled by editors and reporters, committed to providing consumers with accurate, trusted, and up-to-date health and medical information.
Breaking Muscle
Breaking Muscle has an experienced professional team dedicated to providing comprehensive strength, conditions and physical and mental health plans. The website also provides comprehensive health services for athletes, coaches and consumers. Breaking Muscle uses the latest research, products and equipment to provide services to promote human health.
Precision Nutrition
Precision Nutrition is the world’s largest private nutrition coach and research company. The website was established in 2006 and has now provided 200,000 customers in 200 countries with dietary and health advice and opinions from a team of top counselors, doctors, sports experts, naturopaths and nutritionists.
Gain Fitness
Gain Fitness is a world-class personal trainer website. The website has the best certified trainers, fitness experts and doctors, and users can create interactive and customizable exercise packages to achieve their exercise goals.
TheFruitarian.com provides users with various healthy diets, fruits and health information. The categories of articles on the website include: Why Choose Fruitism, Beginners, Healthy Diet, Advanced Fruitism, Interviews, Recommended Videos, Athletes, Woodstock Fruit Festival, etc.
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