8 Kenyan Food Making Blogs

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name: 8 Kenyan food making blogs

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Pika Chakula
Pika Chakula has won the Kenya Best Food Blog Award for two consecutive years. The blog was created on May 9, 2011 by Rajan Solanki to improve kitchen skills. Pika Chakula is Swahili, meaning ‘chef food’. Pika Chakula displays more than 5000 types of cuisines and recipes from all over the world, including Kenya, Tanzania, China, Japan, India, Italy, etc. The website also provides users with food tips and tricks and answers all cooking questions.
Pendo La Mama
Pendo La Mama is a food blog created by Aika. Aika shares various delicacies made in the kitchen on her blog.
Leo Tunapika?
Leo Tunapika? is a food blog created by chef Gatuiri Mwangi. Most of the recipes provided by the blog are created by Gatuiri Mwangi, while other interesting recipes come from magazines or online.
Healthy Living Kenya
Healthy Living Kenya is a blog created by self-taught chef Anthony Kahonge Mwangi focusing on healthy cuisine, vegetarian foods, super foods, seasonal products and wild organic ingredients. Since 2010, Anthony Kahonge Mwangi has been selling healthy food to his neighbors, and now a large number of products and services in the blog are centered on healthy content.
Foods and Salads
Foods and Salads is a blog created by Mutono that introduces food and diet information. The blog introduces the various foods Mutono has tasted around the world, and shares how to cook delicious dishes from different countries and communities.
The Underground Gourmet
The Underground Gourmet is a blog that shares global, East African and Kenyan cuisine. Bloggers rarely use ready-made condiments and spice mixtures when cooking, and these can be made by themselves. The specialties that bloggers like to cook are French, Latin and international cuisines.
Talking to Nelly
Talking to Nelly is a blog that provides information on Kenyan recipes and other dishes from all over the world. The blog introduces Kenyan traditional dishes, African dishes and recipes made in different places around the world.
Fauzia’s Kitchen Fun is a private kitchen blog created by Fozia A. Najfi. This blog allows you and your loved ones to discover or rekindle the passion for cooking.
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