10 foreign health insurance websites

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name: 10 foreign health insurance websites

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Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association
The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association is an association of 36 independent U.S. health insurance organizations and companies that provide health insurance to 106 million Americans.
United Health Insurance
UnitedHealthCare provides health insurance plans for individuals and families, employers, and medical insurance. In addition, United Health Insurance also provides dental, vision and many other insurance plans to help customers and their families stay healthy.
Aetna is a healthcare company in the United States that provides health plans and dental care services. Antai was established in 1853 and is headquartered in New York City, USA. Antai is committed to providing innovative benefits, products and services to individuals, employers, healthcare professionals, producers and others.
Humana is a for-profit health insurance company based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. As of 2014, Humana had more than 13 million customers in the United States, and 2013 revenue was $4.3 billion.
Kaiser Medical Institution
Kaiser Permanente is an American integrated managed care alliance headquartered in Oakland, California. Caesars Medical Institution was founded in 1945 by industrialist Henry Caesar and doctor Sidney Garfield. Caesars Medical Institution is composed of 3 different but interdependent entities: Caesars Foundation Health Plan Company and its regional operating subsidiaries, Caesars Foundation Hospital, and regional permanent medical organization.
Cigna is a global health insurance company in the United States and a global health services company. Cigna cooperates with employers and organizations around the world to help employees stay healthy and work. Cigna works closely with brokers and consultants to develop innovative plans to help individuals and families improve their health, well-being and security, and reduce medical costs.
Molina Healthcare
Molina Healthcare is a managed care company headquartered in Long Beach, California. Molina Healthcare was ranked 201st in the Fortune 500 in 2016. In 2015, Molina Healthcare’s health plan served approximately 3.5 million people.
Celtic hospice care and family health
Celtic Hospice and Home Health (Celtic Hospice and Home Health) is a leading provider of home healthcare and hospice services in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Maryland, USA, mainly serving eastern Missouri and southern Illinois area. Celtic Hospice and Family Health is committed to providing patients with ‘family innovative healthcare.’ Celtic Hospice and Family Health incorporates the most innovative technologies into its home care, hospice and virtual care services.
Assurant Health
Assurant Health is an American company that provides personal and family health insurance. On June 10, 2015, Assurant, the parent company of Assurant Health, announced its withdrawal from the health insurance market, focusing only on professional protection products and services for housing and lifestyle. On October 1, 2015, Assurant, the parent company of Assurant Health, announced that it had completed the sale of certain assets and businesses to National General Holdings Corporation. National General Holdings Corporation has acquired Assurant Health’s existing supplementary and self-operated businesses.
Whale Health
WellCare mainly provides government-funded managed care and medical needs services for families, children, the elderly and individuals through Medicaid, Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drug plans. It is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, USA. As of March 31, 2017, Whale Health has provided services to approximately 4.1 million members in the United States.
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