Ten most popular e-commerce sites in Indonesia

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name: Ten most popular e-commerce sites in Indonesia

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Tokopedia is considered the largest online market in Indonesia. Both individuals and small businesses can create online stores. Tokopedia was founded on February 6, 2009 by two ambitious young people, William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison, and then publicly released on Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17, 2009. Tokopedia’s slogan is: ‘The market is the most beautiful business model in the world.’ Thousands of small and medium enterprises in Indonesia sell millions of products to customers on their websites every month.
In 2009, he graduated from Teknologi Bandung, one of the best universities in Indonesia. Soon after graduation, Achmad Zaky started the service business and then opened a technology startup in 2011. With his initial investment, he founded the Indonesian C2C market Bukalapak and raised funds from the well-known Indonesian investor Takeshi Ebihara. Today, Zaky is busy expanding Bukalapak and has signed 60,000 merchants on the platform.
Blibli.com is an Indonesian e-commerce website owned by PT Global Digital Niaga, a subsidiary of Jiarun Group. The website provides a gorgeous user interface, which makes the online shopping experience good. Some well-known merchants have sold goods on BliBli, including Harley-Davidson, Philips and Dell Stores. A total of 56 merchants signed merchandise sales agreements with Blibli.com.
Lazada is a private company operating in the Asia Pacific region and headquartered in Singapore. It is an important online market and e-commerce pioneer. Lazada was founded in 2011 by the German multinational Rocket Internet. Lazada.co.id is a well-known e-commerce website in Indonesia.
MatahariMall is the latest e-commerce company in Indonesia, which sells various fashion goods on its website.
ZALORA Indonesia
Zalora was founded by Rocket Internet in 2012, headquartered in Singapore, and has multiple branches in Southeast Asia. Today, ZALORA provides leading online fashion portal services for the Asia-Pacific region. ZALORA Indonesia is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in Indonesia. The website sells a range of top international and local brands and products, including men’s and women’s beauty products, shoes and accessories.
KASKUS is Indonesia’s largest online discussion and sales forum. Users can find everything they need in the forum, because the forum has 1 million users eager to exchange information and knowledge. KASKUS has two main functions, namely forum and trading forum Jual Beli. Users can discuss social, popular culture, economic and other issues in the forum.
OLX Indonesia
OLX Indonesia (OLX Indonesia) is Indonesia’s leading classified advertising platform, which provides a vibrant online market for local communities: anyone can post merchandise sales and exchange information through their mobile devices. Every month, hundreds of millions of local marketers around the world use the OLX online marketplace to find and sell various products, including computers, mobile phones, furniture, sporting goods, services, automobiles, real estate, etc.
Traveloka is an Indonesian flight booking website whose mission is to simplify travel and increase attractiveness. The website was created by an Indonesian engineer who has worked for many years in a famous high-tech company in Silicon Valley, USA. Tiket.com is one of Indonesia’s leading OTAs. It started as an online train ticket booking platform-similar to Indian bus website redBus, Thai movie/event ticket website ThaiTicketMajor, and Vietnamese bus website VeXeRe.com.
Shopee Indonesia
Shopee Indonesia (Shopee Indonesia) is Shopee’s localized e-commerce website in Indonesia.
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