10 New Zealand Directory Sites

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name: 10 New Zealand directory sites

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Google my business
Google My Business (Google My Business) allows users to display their business information on Google search, Google Maps and Google+, no matter what device the customer uses, they can find user business information.
DMOZ is the world’s largest and most comprehensive manually edited Web directory, which is constructed and maintained by a passionate global volunteer editing community.
Finda is a New Zealand business directory website where users can add a free business listing and receive review information.
NZS.nz is a New Zealand search engine and local directory website with 171058 website directory information.
Hotfrog New Zealand
Hotfrog New Zealand (Hotfrog New Zealand) is the branch of Hotfrog in New Zealand. Hotfrog is a free online business directory website headquartered in Sydney, Australia, serving 69 million companies in 38 countries.
Yelp New Zealand
Yelp New Zealand (Yelp New Zealand) is the branch of Yelp in New Zealand. Yelp was established in 2004, and now the average monthly unique visitors of the website are about 138 million, and more than 61 million comments have been collected so far.
ZipLeaf New Zealand
ZipLeaf New Zealand (ZipLeaf New Zealand) is New Zealand’s largest online business directory website, the website is very easy to use.
Businessme is a free website directory service that supports and promotes any type of business in New Zealand.
NZ Directory
Currently, NZ Directory has more than 400,000 business profile information, it is a business directory with New Zealand as the focus.
Now, a total of 33,000 New Zealanders use Localist to showcase their businesses, add pictures, get suggestions, and share with others in the Localist community.
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