Hong Kong Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Office

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name: Hong Kong Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Office

hot: 331

website: http://www.eabfu.gov.hk/


The Hong Kong Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Unit (EABFU) is directly subordinate to the Hong Kong Financial Secretary. Its functions are divided into two aspects, including: (1) Provide high-quality economic analysis and related policies on various government policies Opinions, and (2) to promote various business-friendly measures to improve the business environment in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Economic Analysis and Business Facilitation Department has an Economic Analysis Department and a Business Facilitation Department. The former conducts economic analysis and provides relevant recommendations to assist the government in formulating policies (including fiscal and budget policies) and plans, and the latter coordinates the government’s business convenience It also coordinates the work of relevant bureaux and departments to support the Business Facilitation Advisory Committee and its working groups.

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