Hong Kong Security Bureau

name: Administration Wing under the Office of the Chief Secretary for Administration of Hong Kong hot: 1210 website: http://www.admwing.gov.hk/ logo: The Administration Wing (Chief Secretary for Administration's Office) under the Hong Kong Chief Secretary for Administration's Office is responsible for overseeing the effective operation of the Hong Kong Government Headquarters; providing administrative support to the Chief Secretary for Administration and... READ MORE

name: Hong Kong Security Bureau

hot: 4076

website: http://www.sb.gov.hk/


The Security Bureau (Hong Kong) is an organization responsible for law enforcement, search and rescue and management of various laws and security in Hong Kong. Before 1997, it was named the Security Section. Before 1973, it was called the National Defense Section.

The agencies of the Hong Kong Security Bureau include:

Hong Kong Police Force,

Hong Kong Fire Department,

Correctional Services Department,


Immigration Department,

Government Flying Service,

Civil Aid Service,

Auxiliary Medical Service

The address of the Hong Kong Security Bureau is on the 10th floor, East Tower, 2 Tim Mei Avenue, Tamar, Hong Kong. The Secretary for Security is Lai Dongguo.

name: Great Alliance for the Protection of Intellectual Property hot: 566 website: http://www.iprpa.org/ logo: The Intellectual Property Rights Protection Alliance was jointly initiated by Hong Kong Customs and the intellectual property industry. The website provides information on intellectual property rights, the latest intelligence, guidelines for authenticity identification, and an introduction to the ‘Youth Ambassador Against Internet Piracy’ program. READ MORE

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