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name: Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal hot: 252 website: logo: The Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal is a similar judicial institution established under the Hong Kong ‘Copyright Ordinance’ to resolve disputes concerning the use of copyrighted materials. The Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal is committed to playing the role of fair adjudication and making reasonable rulings. READ MORE

name: life easy

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ESDlife is a Hong Kong business website developed by ESD Services Co., Ltd. The company is jointly controlled by CK Hutchison Holdings Limited and Compaq Computer Limited.

From 2000 to 2008, ESDlife was an e-government portal website that provided government services to citizens. Users can purchase stadium tickets, marriage registration, and apply for ID cards and passports on the website.

On January 1, 2008, the contract between the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government and ESD Services Co., Ltd. expired and all government services were migrated to, the only portal website for all government information and services in Hong Kong.

name: Apple Daily hot: 16505 website: logo: Apple Daily website, ‘Apple Daily’ is a Hong Kong-based publication. READ MORE

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