Nepal Investment Bank

name: Kumari Bank Limited hot: 323 website: logo: Kumari Bank Limited (Kumari Bank Limited) is a Nepalese commercial bank headquartered in Durbar Mag, Kathmandu. The bank has 150,000 customers, 36 branches (8 in the Kathmandu Valley and 28 elsewhere) and 50 automatic deposit machines. The company was established in 2001 and the acting CEO is Rajib Kumar Giri. READ MORE

name: Nepal Investment Bank

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Nepal Investment Bank (Nepal Investment Bank) is one of Nepal’s leading commercial banks. At first, the bank was called the Bank of Nepal, CAB, and it was established as a joint venture between Nepal and CAB in 1986.

In 2001, Nepalese investors bought all the shares of the French company, that is, 50%. It has 42 branches and is headquartered in Durbarmag, Kathmandu, Nepal. Its chairman and CEO is Prithivi Bahadur Pande, and it has more than 800 employees.

The Chairman of the Nepal Investment Bank is Prithivi Bahadur Pande, the managers are Prajanya Raj Rajbhandary, Deepak Man Sherchan, Janardan Dev Pant, Ram Bahadur Khadka, the public director is Bhuwaneshwar Prasad Shah, and the company secretary is Sudheer Shrestha.

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