Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Maldives

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name: Ministry of Islamic Affairs of Maldives

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The Ministry of Islamic Affairs (Maldives) is a government agency responsible for religious affairs in the Republic of Maldives. It was formerly known as the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs. The responsibilities of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Maldives are established in accordance with the Maldives Constitution.

Maldives Ministry of Islamic Affairs responsibilities:

to provide religious affairs advice to the Government of Maldives

to maintain and publish Hidhaayathuge Ali ‘

protection of religious unity obligations under the law 94/6

supervision of Friday prayers on issues relating to

inspection and approval religious instrument

maintenance Maldives Mosque

develop Maldivian follow Islam Calendar

Zakāt management and related aspects

Supervise hajj-related matters

Maintain the Islamic library of the Islamic center

Maintain the prayer time

in the
Maldives Provide consultation and assistance to various educational institutions on religious affairs

Maintain the Koran research center

Other religious-related matters

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