Asia Atlantic Airlines

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name: Asia Atlantic Airlines

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Asia Atlantic Airlines is a Thai charter airline with its headquarter in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a subsidiary of Japanese travel agency HIS.

The first flight of Asia Atlantic Airways was on August 19, 2013. It is a joint venture established by Japanese travel agency HIS and Thailand Rainbow Group. The airline’s maiden route is from Bangkok to Japan.

Asia Atlantic Airways operates two main hubs: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi and Tokyo Narita International Airport. Currently, the company has two B767-300ERs configuration options-the first (HS-AAC) has 269 seats, including 12 corporate class seats and 257 economy class seats; while the second (HS-AAB) has 261 Seats, 18 business class seats and 243 economy class seats.

As the Japanese government implements a visa-free policy, Asia Atlantic Airways has launched services from Bangkok to Tokyo and Osaka for the first time, which will increase the number of Chinese tourists to Japan. In 2014, it hopes to start serving Guam, Honolulu and Europe through Tokyo Narita Airport.

Asia Atlantic Airways has a total of 2 aircraft and 2 destinations. The company slogan is ‘Change and Create’. The parent company is HIS Co., Ltd., and the president is Bobby Hack.

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